Episode 17 - Unwrapped Treats

December 19, 2016

In this episode, Dan and Jess talk about "Tricks and Treats," the third episode of Freaks and Geeks.

Episode 16 - Do Do

December 9, 2016

In this episode, Dan and Jess talk about "Beers and Weirs," the second episode of Freaks and Geeks, and they get high...on life!

Episode 15 - Sorry Cholas

December 2, 2016

In this episode, Dan and Jess welcome special guest Suzy, who is not only Jessica's best friend, but also a Freaks and Geeks fan!  Also, they talk about the pilot for Freaks and Geeks!  Hooray for friends, and hooray for a new awesome series to talk about!!

Bonus Episode 4 - Thanksgiving Episodes

November 24, 2016

Dan and Jess discuss favorite Thanksgiving Episodes of some of our favorite shows.

Bonus Episode 3 - Lindsey’s Shows

November 24, 2016

In this episode, dan and Lindsey talk about Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and all things kid.

In case you don't speak toddler, here is a transcript:


Transcript — Bonus Episode 3 - Lindsey’s Shows 


Dan: Hey Welcome to a very special episode of Loved That Show.  We’re doing a kid’s edition.  My name is Dan.


Lindsey: My name is Lindsey.


Dan: And today, we’re going to be talking about Peppa Pig.


Lindsey: Yeah.


Dan: So, Lindsey, what is your favorite part about Peppa Pig?


Lindsey: Um, when daddy loses his glasses.


Dan: Ok


Lindsey: And when Peppa Pig at the end when he sings a song.


Dan: Oh.  Where did daddy lose his glasses?


Lindsey: He was sitting on ‘em!


Dan: Oh, the was sitting on them?


Lindsey: Yeah.


Dan: So who all is on Pepper Pig?  Who are all the characters?


Lindsey: Well, there’s Mommy Pig, Daddy Pig, George, and Peppa.


Dan: And who is George?


Lindsey: George is the littlest one that’s Peppa’s brother.


Dan: Oh.


Lindsey: And then there’s Grandpa Pig and Grammy Pig!  And that’s all the characters.


Dan:  Now is Peppa in school?


Lindsey: Yep.


Dan: Is George in school?


Lindsey: Yeah.


Dan: Do they ever get in trouble?


Lindsey: Mmmmm….nope.

Dan: (repeating) Nope. Is Peppa really funny?


Lindsey: Yeah!


Dan: What does Peppa do that makes you laugh?


Lindsey: When she says “Hm.”  That’s funny.  Ha! “Daddy funny hee hee.”


Dan: Who is the?


Lindsey: *laughs* That’s funny.


Dan: Do they go on adventures?


Lindsey: Yep!


Dan: Well what was your favorite adventure that Peppa Pig went on?


Lindsey: When the went to the museum.  (Pronounced moo-say-em in some British/toddler hybrid way) 


Dan: They went to the museum? What happened at the museum?


Lindsey: Well, nothing happened!


Dan: Just nothing?  Do you watch any other shows?


Lindsey: Mmmm…Mickey Mouse.


Dan: Mickey Mouse? What happens on Mickey Mouse?


Lindsey: Well, he says Miska Mooska Mickey Mouse and of course um he talks to his friends and uh…


Dan: Who’s your favorite character on the Mickey Mouse Club?


Lindsey: Mickey Mouse!


Dan: Oh. I thought you liked Donald.


Lindsey: And Mickey and Donald.


Dan: And Mickey and Donald?


Lindsey: Yeah.


Dan: What’s your favorite episode of the Mickey Mouse Club?


Lindsey: Mmmm…the one I just watched in my room this time. So, and then I like playin’ basketball.


Dan: Basketball?


Lindsey: Yeah.


Dan: Do they go on adventures?


Lindsey: Yep.


Dan: Where have they went on adventures?


Lindsey: (I think talking about Peppa Pig again) To the museum, the aquarium, eh…


Dan: Have they ever been to Mars?


Lindsey: (definitively) Nope.


Dan: Nope? Are you sure?


Lindsey: There’s also, there’s 5 plans. (counting on her fingers) There’s one, two, three, four, five.  It’s fun to watch.  Yeah.


Dan: Does Minnie have a boutique?


Lindsey: Yep.


Dan: What does she sell in her boutique?


Lindsay: BOWS!


Dan: What kind of bows?


Lindsey: Well, the ones with polka dots, ones with flowers, ones with…butterflies on ‘em.


Dan: And…


Lindsey: Monsters on the bows!


Dan: Is there a character named Pete?


Lindsey: Yeah.


Dan: What does Pete do?


Lindsey: He tries to look for a bow, and he found a fan bow.


Dan: Oh. 


Lindsey: And of course, I’m Lindsey.


Dan: Does Pete always follow the rules?


Lindsey: No!


Dan: No.  And what happens?


Lindsey: He does…he gets in trouble!


Dan: Oh. And Mickey has to save him?


Lindsey: (taking some liberties with the truth) Peppa. Yeah…saves Pete.


Dan: Are there any other shows that you like?


Lindsey: Uh.  Uhhhhhh…Harry!


Dan: Harry?  Who’s Harry?


Lindsey: He’s a…Harry the Bunny!


Dan: Oh.  What does Harry the Bunny Say?


Lindsey: (imitating Harry the Bunny) “Uh-huh.  Uh-huh.”


Dan: And what does Barry…what does Harry like to eat?


Lindsey: Carrots. 


Dan: Oh. And what does Harry sing before he goes to bed?


Lindsey: (singing) Twinkle twinkle little star.  How I wonder what you are.  Up above the world so high.  Like above the world so high.  Twinkle twinkle little star.  How I wonder what you are.


Dan: Are there any other shows you like?


Lindsey: Ummmmmmmmmm…


Dan: Is there one about stuffed animals?


Lindsey: Well, there’s…there is a uh… (breaking into song again) Doc McStuffins! Do the thing.  To get you right back in the thing.


Dan: What happens on Doc McStuffins?


Lindsey: Ummmm…Doct fixes toys and animals.  So that’s good cause I’m a fixer upper too. (pretty sure she’s quoting Frozen here)   And I’m also a good amount (?? I’m not sure what this word was.) about aliens and superheroes and Cat Boy and theres a one that I like to watch.


Dan: Oh.


Lindsey: So do you want to listen? It’s uhh it’s PJ Masks.


Dan: Oh.


Lindsey: (another song) Cat Boy Owlette Gecko Romeo too.  (speaking) So, there’s also a good way to um so, then they always hmm.. do adventures and we’re going to be singing songs today, so yeah (singing) I feel better, so much better.  Thank you Doc for taking my duchies away. (speaking) Know what? Know what?  They sing I feel better when they are so much better!


Dan: Yeah?


Lindsey: And then they just sing it then o the last one they say now.


Dan: How old are you Lindsey?


Lindsey: I’m three!


Dan: You’re three?:


Lindsey: Yeah.  How old are you Dan? (she asks her dad, who she usually refers to as dada or daddy)


Dan: (laughing) How old am I? 


Lindsey: Yeah! (proud of herself for making dada laugh)


Dan: I’m forty.


Lindsey: Ha! What/where/when  How old were you before you turned 40?


Dan: Before I turned forty, I was 39.  How old were you before you turned 3?


Lindsey: Two!


Dan: Two?


Lindsey: Yeah


Dan: What did you do last week?


Lindsey: Um…go on the Disney ship.


Dan: You went where?


Lindsey: On the Disney cruise.


Dan:  On the Disney cruise? Did you see a bunch of characters on the Disney cruise?


Lindsey: Um…I saw Captain Hook, Mickey Mouse, Chip and Dale, Doc McStuffins…


Dan: Did you see any pirates?


Lindsey: Um.. Jack (suddenly whispering) Sparrow was there.


Dan: Yeah.  How about any other pirates?


Lindsey: ummm


Dan: Did one almost run you over?  Who almost ran you over?


Lindsey: No one.


Dan: Snow White? How about Captain Hook?


Lindsey: Captain Hooks did.


Dan: Yeah.  Well, do you have anything else you want to say?


Lindsey: Mmmm….I think that’s all.


Dan: You think that’s all?


Lindsey: Yeah.


Dan: Can you tell everybody Thanks for Listening?


Lindsey: Thanks for listenin'.


Dan: Alright.

Episode 14 - Firefly Out

November 18, 2016

In this episode, Dan and Jess discuss "The Message" whch is the final episode of Firefly.  They also announce what show is next.  If you're a freak or a geek, you won't want ot miss it!

Episode 13 - Keister Beacon

November 11, 2016

Get trashy with Dan and Jess as they discuss episode 13 of Firefly.  Saffron is back and you won't believe who gets naked!

Bonus Episode 2 - Stream It Like You Mean It!

October 28, 2016

Dan and Jess are still off on their adventure, but don't worry they left you a treat.  This week we discuss the shows/videos we watch on streaming services. Hope you enjoy and see you next week!

Bonus Episode 1 - DVR Update

October 21, 2016

Dan and Jess take a break from the usual format to discuss what they're watching this fall.

Episode 12 - No, Not That One

October 14, 2016

In this episode, Dan and Jess discuss "Heart of Gold."  No, not that one.  Not that one either.  It's the Firefly episode where the crew of Serenity have a shootout at a space brothel.  If we had a nickel for every intergalactic whorehouse gun battle, we wouldn't need the help of our generous Patreon patrons who wish to remain anonymous. Enjoy!