Loved That Show

Bonus Episode 3 - Lindsey’s Shows

November 24, 2016

In this episode, dan and Lindsey talk about Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and all things kid.

In case you don't speak toddler, here is a transcript:


Transcript — Bonus Episode 3 - Lindsey’s Shows 


Dan: Hey Welcome to a very special episode of Loved That Show.  We’re doing a kid’s edition.  My name is Dan.


Lindsey: My name is Lindsey.


Dan: And today, we’re going to be talking about Peppa Pig.


Lindsey: Yeah.


Dan: So, Lindsey, what is your favorite part about Peppa Pig?


Lindsey: Um, when daddy loses his glasses.


Dan: Ok


Lindsey: And when Peppa Pig at the end when he sings a song.


Dan: Oh.  Where did daddy lose his glasses?


Lindsey: He was sitting on ‘em!


Dan: Oh, the was sitting on them?


Lindsey: Yeah.


Dan: So who all is on Pepper Pig?  Who are all the characters?


Lindsey: Well, there’s Mommy Pig, Daddy Pig, George, and Peppa.


Dan: And who is George?


Lindsey: George is the littlest one that’s Peppa’s brother.


Dan: Oh.


Lindsey: And then there’s Grandpa Pig and Grammy Pig!  And that’s all the characters.


Dan:  Now is Peppa in school?


Lindsey: Yep.


Dan: Is George in school?


Lindsey: Yeah.


Dan: Do they ever get in trouble?


Lindsey: Mmmmm….nope.

Dan: (repeating) Nope. Is Peppa really funny?


Lindsey: Yeah!


Dan: What does Peppa do that makes you laugh?


Lindsey: When she says “Hm.”  That’s funny.  Ha! “Daddy funny hee hee.”


Dan: Who is the?


Lindsey: *laughs* That’s funny.


Dan: Do they go on adventures?


Lindsey: Yep!


Dan: Well what was your favorite adventure that Peppa Pig went on?


Lindsey: When the went to the museum.  (Pronounced moo-say-em in some British/toddler hybrid way) 


Dan: They went to the museum? What happened at the museum?


Lindsey: Well, nothing happened!


Dan: Just nothing?  Do you watch any other shows?


Lindsey: Mmmm…Mickey Mouse.


Dan: Mickey Mouse? What happens on Mickey Mouse?


Lindsey: Well, he says Miska Mooska Mickey Mouse and of course um he talks to his friends and uh…


Dan: Who’s your favorite character on the Mickey Mouse Club?


Lindsey: Mickey Mouse!


Dan: Oh. I thought you liked Donald.


Lindsey: And Mickey and Donald.


Dan: And Mickey and Donald?


Lindsey: Yeah.


Dan: What’s your favorite episode of the Mickey Mouse Club?


Lindsey: Mmmm…the one I just watched in my room this time. So, and then I like playin’ basketball.


Dan: Basketball?


Lindsey: Yeah.


Dan: Do they go on adventures?


Lindsey: Yep.


Dan: Where have they went on adventures?


Lindsey: (I think talking about Peppa Pig again) To the museum, the aquarium, eh…


Dan: Have they ever been to Mars?


Lindsey: (definitively) Nope.


Dan: Nope? Are you sure?


Lindsey: There’s also, there’s 5 plans. (counting on her fingers) There’s one, two, three, four, five.  It’s fun to watch.  Yeah.


Dan: Does Minnie have a boutique?


Lindsey: Yep.


Dan: What does she sell in her boutique?


Lindsay: BOWS!


Dan: What kind of bows?


Lindsey: Well, the ones with polka dots, ones with flowers, ones with…butterflies on ‘em.


Dan: And…


Lindsey: Monsters on the bows!


Dan: Is there a character named Pete?


Lindsey: Yeah.


Dan: What does Pete do?


Lindsey: He tries to look for a bow, and he found a fan bow.


Dan: Oh. 


Lindsey: And of course, I’m Lindsey.


Dan: Does Pete always follow the rules?


Lindsey: No!


Dan: No.  And what happens?


Lindsey: He does…he gets in trouble!


Dan: Oh. And Mickey has to save him?


Lindsey: (taking some liberties with the truth) Peppa. Yeah…saves Pete.


Dan: Are there any other shows that you like?


Lindsey: Uh.  Uhhhhhh…Harry!


Dan: Harry?  Who’s Harry?


Lindsey: He’s a…Harry the Bunny!


Dan: Oh.  What does Harry the Bunny Say?


Lindsey: (imitating Harry the Bunny) “Uh-huh.  Uh-huh.”


Dan: And what does Barry…what does Harry like to eat?


Lindsey: Carrots. 


Dan: Oh. And what does Harry sing before he goes to bed?


Lindsey: (singing) Twinkle twinkle little star.  How I wonder what you are.  Up above the world so high.  Like above the world so high.  Twinkle twinkle little star.  How I wonder what you are.


Dan: Are there any other shows you like?


Lindsey: Ummmmmmmmmm…


Dan: Is there one about stuffed animals?


Lindsey: Well, there’s…there is a uh… (breaking into song again) Doc McStuffins! Do the thing.  To get you right back in the thing.


Dan: What happens on Doc McStuffins?


Lindsey: Ummmm…Doct fixes toys and animals.  So that’s good cause I’m a fixer upper too. (pretty sure she’s quoting Frozen here)   And I’m also a good amount (?? I’m not sure what this word was.) about aliens and superheroes and Cat Boy and theres a one that I like to watch.


Dan: Oh.


Lindsey: So do you want to listen? It’s uhh it’s PJ Masks.


Dan: Oh.


Lindsey: (another song) Cat Boy Owlette Gecko Romeo too.  (speaking) So, there’s also a good way to um so, then they always hmm.. do adventures and we’re going to be singing songs today, so yeah (singing) I feel better, so much better.  Thank you Doc for taking my duchies away. (speaking) Know what? Know what?  They sing I feel better when they are so much better!


Dan: Yeah?


Lindsey: And then they just sing it then o the last one they say now.


Dan: How old are you Lindsey?


Lindsey: I’m three!


Dan: You’re three?:


Lindsey: Yeah.  How old are you Dan? (she asks her dad, who she usually refers to as dada or daddy)


Dan: (laughing) How old am I? 


Lindsey: Yeah! (proud of herself for making dada laugh)


Dan: I’m forty.


Lindsey: Ha! What/where/when  How old were you before you turned 40?


Dan: Before I turned forty, I was 39.  How old were you before you turned 3?


Lindsey: Two!


Dan: Two?


Lindsey: Yeah


Dan: What did you do last week?


Lindsey: Um…go on the Disney ship.


Dan: You went where?


Lindsey: On the Disney cruise.


Dan:  On the Disney cruise? Did you see a bunch of characters on the Disney cruise?


Lindsey: Um…I saw Captain Hook, Mickey Mouse, Chip and Dale, Doc McStuffins…


Dan: Did you see any pirates?


Lindsey: Um.. Jack (suddenly whispering) Sparrow was there.


Dan: Yeah.  How about any other pirates?


Lindsey: ummm


Dan: Did one almost run you over?  Who almost ran you over?


Lindsey: No one.


Dan: Snow White? How about Captain Hook?


Lindsey: Captain Hooks did.


Dan: Yeah.  Well, do you have anything else you want to say?


Lindsey: Mmmm….I think that’s all.


Dan: You think that’s all?


Lindsey: Yeah.


Dan: Can you tell everybody Thanks for Listening?


Lindsey: Thanks for listenin'.


Dan: Alright.